How to add emojis to the email signature

There may be benefits to allowing an emoji or two in your company email signature in specific situations. If your business benefits from giving a more laid back impression or are in the gaming industry, then an emoji can help.

Clickable emojis can work well with customer support teams and marketing staff. Using a clickable emoji such as a happy or sad face, you can route your recipients to a survey or feedback form to give their opinion of your products and services.

Emojis for the company, departments or individuals?

It's up to you - You got 100% flexibility!

Whether or not you should allow emojis in email signatures can be a company-wide decision or something that each team leader could determine depending on the department's function and target audience.

Example > How to add the email emoji?

Copy emoji:

Paste emoji:

Insert emoji in the email signature template:



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