The plaintext version we made in Xink isn’t what appears in outlook

If you experience this, then it is not the signature generated by Xink that you are using.

There are two scenarios when talking about plain text.

  1. Converting an email from html to plain text while you are composing the email
  2. Replying to an email that you have received in plain text

Re 1.

You may start to compose an email in html format and you see the signature with your logo, if that's what you have designed. Then you want to change the email format for this specific email to plain text for some reason.

If you do so then Outlook will NOT take your plain text signature and use this. Outlook will convert the existing email including the signature to plain text. The result is not very good and certainly is not of a decent standard to send out. This will happen no matter if you have a plain text version of your default signature or not. Outlook will always just convert the text you have already composed (including the email signature) to plain text.

If you have not created a plain text signature in Xink at this stage, then Outlook will keep the one that it has just created. This means that if you have not generated a plain test version of your default signature, then Outlook will use this version that it has created for plain text emails in the future. This also means that the plain text signature will not be updated by Xink, but will just remain as the signature that Outlook has created at this time with the information valid at this time. If you choose to switch to plain text email before composing the email, then this signature will be used. You can therefore find old email signature information in this signature simply because it is not updated by Xink.

Re 2.

Outlook will always use the same email format for replies and forwards as it was received in. If you reply to a plain text based email and you don't have a plain text email signature, then Outlook will create it for you, hence producing the same result as described in 1). You need to make sure that you create and maintain a plain text signature to avoid any confusions. Outlook keeps this plain text email signature unless you update it with Xink.

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