Enabling Single-Sign-On (SSO) for an Account Admin in the Xink portal

This guide will walk you through how to link a Xink Account Admin to an Azure AD account to allow Single-Sign-On.
Once enabled, it will allow admins to log in using their Azure AD credentials.

Prerequisite: SSO configured in Azure AD (OAuth, OpenID)

To allow OpenID protocol for the account, it must first be enabled under the Security page in the Xink portal.

1. Go to the Gear icon or click on Preferences under the Admin name.
2. Click Security under the General tab
3. Put a tick on "Allow External Authentication".

Once the setting is enabled, you can link the Admin Accounts to Azure AD. Just ensure that the email of the Account Admin to be linked exists in Azure AD.

Perform the following steps to link an Account Admin to Azure AD.

1. log in to the portal using the Account Admin to be linked.
2. Click on Logon Options under the Admin name.

3. Click on Link Azure AD Account on the page that opened.

4. You will be prompted with a Microsoft sign-in page. Sign in with your Azure AD account credentials.

5. After signing in with the Azure AD account, it will connect and enable SSO for the linked account. Log out from the Xink portal and log back in using the Microsoft sign-in button (You will be prompted with a Microsoft Sign-in page again).

6. After logging in, you can go back to Login Options and notice that the button has now changed to Unlink Azure AD Account, which means that SSO for that Account Admin is already active.

Force Azure AD Open ID Option

This option will replace Xink login/password authentication in favour of Azure AD logon. Once enabled, all admins are forced to access with SSO, and login/password authentications will fail for the account. 

How to add Account Admin if external authentication (Azure AD) is enforced for the account

If Open ID authentication is enforced, it becomes impossible for newly created Account co-administrators to log on using a password and link their Azure AD data. In this situation, Xink matches email addresses from Azure AD and Xink's internal database and links Azure AD data automatically. It means it is enough to create a new admin as usual with an email/password. Once a new admin is created, a new admin can access the Xink portal only with their Microsoft credentials.


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