How do I update email signatures for secondary mailboxes in Outlook (Windows)?

You want to allow some users to select an optional email signature as the default for their other email account. 

You don't want the Xink App to overwrite the other email account settings. 

Open Outlook and click into File and go to your Account Settings:


Then make sure your Default account is the account you want Xink to affect. 


The primary account ( is being pushed a default for new messages (Xink Main) and replies (Xink-reply) automatically through Xink settings in the admin portal. 


I've toggle over to my secondary Email account ( and manually assigned two optional signatures (Eric TEST) as my Default and Reply for this 2nd account. 


I hit OK to save it.  

Toggle to the 2nd account from the Compose view. You can see the email signature is now in your secondary account. 


Before you test, you must set (Do not change) so that the Xink client will not overwrite.

Learn how to preserve your settings in method #2.

To test and ensure your changes will not be over-written, manually pull an update from the Xink app by hitting 'Update Now'. 

From there, return to Outlook and hit Compose. 

The Primary account ( shows first & displays the Default signature being pushed by Xink. 


Toggle over to the secondary account ( and it now shows the other signature you've manually assigned as your default! 


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