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How to assign email signatures for shared and user mailboxes

As a Xink admin, you can assign special signatures to users with access to shared mailboxes and users with access to more than one user mailbox.

When updating using the 365 add-in

1. Install the add-in to the shared or user mailbox in your Office 365 Integrated Apps.

2. Add your mailbox to Outlook's File > Account Settings.

3. Once the add-in is installed, click the shared mailbox on the left panel before clicking New Email. Reply or Forward so the signature will be applied.

4. To make the signature automatically apply when you select the mailbox account from the From field, you have to pin the Xink signature panel.

When updating using the Xink client on Windows

Shared Mailbox

A mailbox that's not primarily associated with a single user and is generally configured to allow login access for multiple users.

  • accounting@
  • support@

User Mailbox

A mailbox that's assigned to an individual user in your Exchange organization. It typically contains messages, calendar items, contacts, tasks, documents, and other important business data.


Scenario #1 - When the email is used only a few times

You set the shared signatures as optional and assign it to the users(s) - Either individually or via group setting (rules).

Then the user can select the optional signature by right-clicking the default (can also select in the Outlook menu).

Scenario #2 - When the email is used many times a day

You set the shared signatures as optional and assign it to the users(s) - Either individually or via group setting (rules).

Go to the Xink portal, Employees section and assign "Do Not Change" to the user that holds the primary mailbox so you can prevent Xink from updating signatures on the other mailboxes in Outlook.

Go to Outlook menu File > Options > Mail > Signatures, Select the Shared Mailbox's E-mail account, and set the default signatures. Now the E-mail account settings are preserved when the Xink client updates:

Note: You have to disable "Delete signatures not set as default/reply/optional" in Xink portal to avoid any customized signatures from being deleted. Click HERE for more details about this setting.

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