IT Pro: Deploying the Xink add-in for multiple accounts but under a single tenant

This article adds to the add-in guide and is intended for clients deploying the Xink add-in for multiple domains/accounts (managed or independent) under the same tenant.

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How to modify the manifest XML files

You need to generate a token for each account and then download their manifest files.
Once downloaded, do not deploy them immediately, as you need to modify the XML files.

1. Rename the manifest files to be different, e.g., XinkOutlookAddinManifest-Account1.xml, XinkOutlookAddinManifest-Account2.xml.

2. Open the manifest or XML file in Notepad or another word-processing app.

3. Look for the <Id> tag.

4. Replace the value in the tag with the account's token value > Copy:


Note: Individual XML files need to be downloaded for each account. Otherwise, you will also need to update the DomainToken values for each.

5. Save the XML file and proceed with the deployment.

6. For the deployment, ensure you are doing a targeted deployment so that the modified add-in is deployed only to the target account or users.

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