How to assign email signatures for shared mailboxes and alias emails

This guide demonstrates assigning email signatures to shared mailboxes:

  • support@
  • accounting@
  • etc.

We suggest updating email signatures using the 365 add-in method, although we also provide instructions for the client method, which is suitable for older versions of Outlook (2016 or earlier).

When using the 365 add-in

  • You can preserve your personal email signature unchanged when changing the FROM field.
  • You can manually select among your optional email signatures.
  • You can also use a non-personal email signature when changing the FROM field in Outlook. 

Automatic personal email signature

  • New Outlook experience.
  • Outlook "classic desktop".
  • Does not require a license in Xink.
  • Works out of the box without any additional configurations in Xink.

Manually select among your optional email signatures

When choosing from the optional email signatures, please do so as the final step; otherwise, the signature will revert to the default email signature due to the automated feature.

Automatic non-personal email signature 

  • Outlook "classic desktop". 
  • Works with both app source and manifest version 4.0.15/4.0.1 or higher.
  • Requires a license in Xink for each shared mailbox added as EMPLOYEES.
  • Additional configurations are required (see below).

How to configure

The same method is used for Alias emails!

A user can have multiple aliases that all route to their single inbox (e.g., can have aliases like,, etc.

This method requires that the shared mailbox or alias is added as an employee and shared with the users.

  • Go to the Xink Portal, then select the EMPLOYEES menu. 
  • You share the signature of the shared mailbox.
  • When you compose an email in Outlook, change the From address to the shared mailbox.
  • The selected signature is inserted into the body of the email.

When using the Xink client on Windows (legacy)

  • Outlook "classic desktop".
  • Does not require a license in Xink.

A mailbox that's not primarily associated with a single user and is generally configured to allow login access for multiple users.

  • accounting@
  • support@
  • etc.

A mailbox that's assigned to an individual user in your Exchange organization. It typically contains messages, calendar items, contacts, tasks, documents, and other important business data.


Scenario #1 - When the email is used only a few times

You set the shared signature as optional and assign it to the users(s) individually or via group setting (rules).

Then, the user can select the optional signature by right-clicking the default (you can also select it in the Outlook menu).

Scenario #2 - When the email is used many times a day

You set the shared signature as optional and assign it to the users(s) individually or via group setting (rules).

Go to the Xink portal, Employees section and assign "Do Not Change" to the user that holds the primary mailbox so you can prevent Xink from updating signatures on the other mailboxes in Outlook.

Go to Outlook menu File > Options > Mail > Signatures, Select the Shared Mailbox's E-mail account, and set the default signatures. Now, the E-mail account settings are preserved when the Xink client updates:

Note: To prevent the deletion of customized signatures, you must disable "Delete signatures not set as default/reply/optional" in the Xink portal. Click HERE for more details about this setting.

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