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Can I add individual photos to staff emails as part of their email signatures?

Yes, it's easy to make an outstanding impression by including staff photos when they send emails.

How to add individual photos

By default, the Photo field is mapped and pulls the photos from Active Directory.
If your AD is not updated, we can help bulk upload your photos when you provide a ZIP-file including the photos. The images must have the email address of the employee as the file name.
Reach out to us here, and we'll help you - No worries.

You can also manually upload. Employees menu > Upload photo (if not included in your Active Directory):

Signatures menu > Insert the photo field:

Click Preview and validate OK before you launch:

NOTE: When you upload headshots remember to make them the same height/width. 

How to upload the photos of your employees in bulk

To upload the photos of your employees in bulk, you can use that page

You should prepare the zip file with your employee photos

Image file names must match employee emails (for example

Please note

that existing employee photos will be replaced by uploadable ones.

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