An image becomes unsharp (pixelated) upon sending in Outlook on Windows

An image in your email signature can become unsharp when sending, even when it still looks sharp when composing.

The cause of this issue lies in how Outlook on Windows handles your image in combination with its PPI value.

Outlook 365 compresses images to 220 PPI by default after the email is sent in Outlook.

If your uploaded image doesn't meet this requirement, you can be affected by the blurry image on the recipient side.

Xink doesn't change your images and thus doesn't change its quality.

The quickest and easiest way around this issue is to select 'Do not compress images in the file':

Alternatively, re-render your images at 220 PPI. In general, this will not produce a noticeable quality loss.

Using Photoshop

When using Photoshop, make sure to check:

  • Resample is set to 'Preserved Details' (default is 'Automatic') 
  • Reduce Noise is set to 100%.

Learn more.

Still an issue?

If JPG format shows the issue, try and change to PNG format (shows good results with background colors). If PNG format shows the issue, try and change to JPG. 

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