Xink Client Status: Access Denied

This guide will help end-users or the IT Admin to fix the issue if you are getting 'Access Denied' or an Empty Token ID error message on the Xink Client.

Here are some of the few reasons why you are getting this error message.

1. The email address of the user is incorrect or misspelled and may not be the same as what you have synchronized into the Employees Tab of the Xink Portal.
2. GPO (Group Policy Object) has failed to apply the Token ID
3. The Token ID used in your previous Xink client deployment is already expired.
4. You have another instance of the Xink client running or installed on your computer. Always remember that you cannot have both the XinkClient.msi used in the Email Invitation method and XinkClientSetupAD.msi used in the Unattended Deployment method installed on the same machine as these installers do not work together and you can only select one way or the other.

Below are some things you need to check and on How to Fix:

  • Make sure that the Email address / UPN and SMTP record information are all the same (For Azure AD users) from what is listed and synchronized on the Xink Employees.
  • Ensure that the Xink ADM file is applied to the affected machine and that the policy is enforced.
    (Note: It may take for up to 90 minutes interval for group policy settings to get refreshed at background or more depending on your network and hardware setup.)
  • You can follow this method Click Here or try to manually apply the Xink token ID into the affected computer's registry key. (The registry path is located at HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Policies\Xink\Xink Client AD\ADConfig)

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