We can't install the Xink Client App on one of our employee's computers

This guide apply for small businesses where the Xink Client App is not installed unattended by the IT department.

  • First of all, it is a good sign that only one computer has issues, because it means that the rest runs smoothly and without issues.

A reason for a failed installation can be one of the following:

  • The installation doesn't actually fail.
    Please check that the credentials are correctly inserted in the client app on Windows or Mac.
  • Out-dated .NET installation set (PC only - Not Mac)
    Make sure to upgrade to the latest .NET version.
  • If the app has been deployed via GPO or another deployment Tool, make sure that there is no manually installed version of the app also.
    These two installed versions don't work together.
  • If you can see the app in the tray icon (the Xink logo), then it has installed correctly and it is not an install issue.
    Check the credentials added again.

If none of these situations apply, then you can file a support ticket, confirming that none of these scenarios described solve the issue,

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