The Mac app versus the Windows app

There is a huge difference to how the app for Mac works compared to how it works for Windows. 

These changes are due to core differences in the way that Outlook is built for Mac and Windows. 

We support how the Outlook application works on both platforms which is why there is a big difference in the way it Works, but the result is essentially the same.


Client app for Windows

Client app for Mac
How the default signature is applied
Outlook will automatically show the new signature without any manual changes 
Outlook will not show the new signatures unless the end user assign the signature as default manually.
How the signature updates
Outlook will receive and display the changes to the email signature automatically without any user intervention.
The client app will notify each individual employee when an update is available. Then he or she must accept the changes manually and re-apply the signature.
Change of contact details
The client app for Windows supports change of contact details (if the administrator has allowed it).
The client app for Mac supports change of contact details (if the administrator has allowed it).
Update frequency
The client app for Windows checks for updates every hour (by default) and applies them straight away.
The client app will get notified about a possible change every hour (by default).
How to install it
The client app for Windows can be installed manually or deploy through GPO or third party tools for deployments.
Xink App can be deployed through email invitation email or mass deployment through Jamf
Xink App needs to be placed in Application's folder and then start the file. You can choose to start it automatically when booting up your Mac under 'preferences' which is recommended.

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