IT Pro: Switching from old authentication to oAuth2 - FAQ

Q: Is a certificate still required?

A: No certificate is required any longer. You can safely remove the certificate.

Q.If there is an existing installation with certificate, how to switch to new install

A: All existing installations with certificates should replace all client instances with the new version of client app.

Q: Is there only one package for all?

A: There are two packages: per-user (invitation) and per-machine (domain-wide). Always use the per-machine package for central rollout.

Q: How do we implement auto-update. Is that a parameter to the package or two separate packages?

A: Per-user packages update automatically as usual, per-machine packages can not update themselves. This will be developed.

Q: How do we install the per-machine msi package?

A: See the article about the domain installation via msi.

Q: How do we install in Citrix and RDS?

A: Exactly like you have installed it before.

Q: How to install using the .adm template?

A: We provide a .ADM template to make settings propagation easier. This is a  standard admin task for IT administrators.

Q: What is exactly 'per-user' install?

A: This is what we used to call 'manual install'. The term 'per-user' is going to be used consistently for the manually installed app (via invitation emails).

Q: What is exactly 'per-machine- install?

A: This is the install package which was previously compiled specifically to you including the certificate. There is only one msi package now and this is to be used in all centrally managed deployments of the app ('per-machine').

Q: What is the .ADM file?

A: This is a deployment template that we provide for your GPO deployment of the Xink app. Before you needed a specially compiled package and a certificate, now a special token is added to the .ADM template. This makes it much easier for you to deploy. Read more here.

Q: Do we still get an invitation email to install the Xink app?

A: If you invite your colleagues to get your email signature they will get an invitation email as before. The email will not contain a password and download link anymore but will be taken to a personal page where the user can choose between a Mac and Windows download. The personal password can be retrieved from this page too.

Q: What if we don't use GPO to install software centrally but a third-party tool, then we cannot use the .ADM file?

A: No you cannot use that file. But you need to download the .ADM file anyways and open it in Notepad. There you can see the registry addition you need to make, and you can do this in your third-party tool. This registry entry need to be present on all PCs running Xink app.

Q: Will the manually installed Xink app automatically upgrade to oAuth2?

A: Yes it will happen behind the scenes.

Q: Where do I download the per-machine msi package from?

A: Logon to your Xink account and click 'Preferences' and you will find a link to the download in the 'Downloads' section

Q: How do we install the per-machine app unattended?

A: Follow the steps in this article.

Q: Is the access code supposed to change when I refresh the page?

A: Yes this is intended behaviour. You are locked down to the access code you have entered once and even if you enter the page again they will change.

Q: The app is prompting me for an access token. Where do I get this?

A: Send an invitation email. You will get a link to your personal web page where your Access code is displayed.

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