How to update the Xink client for Outlook DESKTOP on Windows

Microsoft is changing the way Outlook for Windows stores the email signatures.

To comply with the coming changes, updating your Xink client is required

We recommend you upgrade your Xink client now.

Do I need to upgrade?

In EMPLOYEES menu, you mouse-over the OK time stamp, and you will see the version for your staff/users.

If there is no mouse-over link showing, then it's either a Mac or an old version. The old version requires an upgrade.

You can also download and quickly filter hundreds or thousands of users/staff in Excel:

When you see v3.2.41.1 or later, no further action is required, and your company email signatures will continue to update when Microsoft released the update.

When you see v3.2.40.1 (or earlier), e.g. v. you must upgrade, or your company email signatures will stop updating.

Now you know if an update is required. Not sure? → Schedule a remote session, and we'll help you.

How to update when you see 'User'

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How to update when you see 'ADClient'

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