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IT Pro: Deploy Xink ADM File via GPO Template (Xink Token ID)

Before you proceed please ensure you have deployed the Xink MSI Package via GPO (Xink Client)

First download ADM-file from Xink Portal. 
Go to 'Preferences' and click 'Downloads'.
Click "Step 2 - IT: Obtain the ADM template (HKLM registry)" new window will open.
Click Get .ADM to download or create one if there is no available token.

Open Group Policy Management window, create  a new domain-wide policy "Deploy Xink Auth Token" then right click and Edit:

Find Computer Configuration -> Policies -> Administrative Templates -> right click select -> Add/Remove Templates”:

Find the Xink.adm file you downloaded from Xink Portal's Token Manager and import it.
After that, you should see the following policy object.

Lastly, double click “Use AD Auth” on the right and Enable the policy of the following dialog and click Apply.

Finally, login to one of the target PC and run 'gpupdate /force' on command prompt.

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