Email signatures are not updated in Outlook (one or a few users)


The Xink App is updating the wrong signature folder in Outlook. 

Therefore email signature cannot be found in Outlook.


The Xink Client App is updating 'Signatures' folder and not 'Signaturer' folder which is used by Outlook in Danish language (DA).

This can be caused by upgrading Outlook (not a clean install) - Upgrading Outlook to a different language version or applying a language package in an older version of Outlook. 


The registry key that defines where to look for the Outlook signature is:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\14.0\Common\General\Signaturer >>>


Change 'Signaturer' to 'Signatures' and Outlook will look in the same folder as the Xink Client App updates.

Reboot your PC when HKCU registry is updated.


Uninstall Outlook (remember to check that above HKCU registry is removed) and then re-install Outlook (clean install). 

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