IT Pro: Deploy the required registry keys through SCCM (without GPO)

This is applicable when you are using SCCM to deploy your MSI package and refrain from using your GPO to deploy the ADM.

The automated method is straightforward: we provide a per-machine installer (MSI-file) and sets HKLM registry key value(DomainAuthToken).

1. Download the MSI from the Xink portal's Preferences > Downloads > Step 1 - IT: Download the Xink client

2. Replace the INSERT DOMAIN AUTH TOKEN HERE with your token from the portal and save the script as .BAT or .CMD in the same folder where you placed the MSI package.

msiexec /I xinkClientSetupAD.msi /q REG ADD "HKLM\Software\Policies\Xink\Xink Client AD\ADConfig" /v DomainAuthToken /t REG_SZ /d "INSERT DOMAIN AUTH TOKEN HERE" /f

Where can I find my token?

Go to Preferences > Downloads > Step 2

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NOTE:  Reboot is required once the MSI package has been installed. 

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