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How to move Azure data center

You'll find your account data center in your Xink account Dashboard menu (scroll down):

Whats next?

  1. Submit a support ticket and select type = Request data center move and specify USA, Canada, United Kingdom, EU or Australia.
  2. Pulling data from AD on prem? 
    Remember to update secure token and download ADExport.exe.
  3. Running Server-side(Rerouting) setup? Server-side must be disabled before migration. After migration is complete, Server-side must be configured from scratch.
  4. Deploying the Xink client unattended?
    Remember to download/deploy new ADM-file and MSI-package for AD on prem joined machines or Azure joined machines.
  5. Notify us to delete old account.

Then what?

  • Wait for reply when your account transfer is completed.¬†

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