IT Pro: How to read users from Azure Active Directory (AAD)

This guide will walk you through integrating your Xink account with your Azure AD to read the users you specify to the Xink EMPLOYEES menu. Once set up, it automatically removes users from the Xink portal when the user no longer exists in Azure AD.

  • We integrate via Microsoft API.
  • We have only read access to your Azure AD.
  • We have no access to any of your infrastructure information or passwords.
  • You make the connection.
  • Xink facilitates the integration via the Microsoft API.
  • You decide which data to read (read-only, NOT write).
  • We only store the email signature data you chose (e.g. name, title, tel, etc.).

The default fields that are imported from Azure AD

The following default fields are imported into Xink once you've integrated them with Azure AD.
You add/remove fields from the fields menu.
You can change the order of the fields (will show in the EMPLOYEES menu).
You can edit the field properties if you need to map it to another location in your Azure AD.

Enable Azure AD user Synchronization

Azure AD users will automatically be imported to the Xink portal when you integrate Xink with your Azure AD account.
Enable Azure AD user Synchronization under Preferences > Integration > Azure AD.

Click on Link Azure AD Account.

Log in with your Microsoft 365 Admin account when prompted.

Note: Admin account with Global Reader, Application Administrator permissions or with higher role is required.

Approve the permission request by putting a tick on "Consent on behalf of your organization" and clicking on "Accept".

Once linked, the Tenant Name will automatically populate:
We recommend preserving the two default selections;
Look at the ProxyAddresses array for Email and the Other (Alternative) array for Email.
We recommend leaving Try to use User Principal Name as Email unchecked. Select it if the user's Email field is empty. Then the integration will try to use the User Principal Name as Email.

Add your filter(s), so you don't import service accounts, meeting rooms, etc.:

Click on Check Connectivity to confirm that the connection is working.
We recommend enabling Delete Employees to automatically remove users that don't match the filter criteria in your Azure AD integration settings, so you constantly have an accurate number of total licenses and users.

If it all works, hit Save, and your Xink + Azure AD integration is good to go!

The employees' menu will update with the next sync

  • It automatically updates approximately every three hours
  • You can also trigger the sync by clicking Schedule Update on your Dashboard.
  • It updates email signature information such as name, tel., job title, etc.
  • The integration also automatically adds new users and removes old users (when you have checked 'Delete Employees').

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