Country show in AD but is empty in Employees

You have pulled employees from AD on premesis and Country field is empty.

You have checked that the country field in Xink is correctly mapped to 'co' attribute.

Why is Country not updated in Xink when I can see it OK in my AD?

When users are updated in AD via PowerShell, you can find that 'co' attribute is not set. 

When you open 'Attribute Editor' you'll see that 'co' is marked '<not set>':

How to fix?

Select another Country in the drop down menu in AD - Select the correct Country and save (you need to change in order to save new setting).

Then you'll find that the 'co' attribute is updated OK in AD and now Xink will also be able to pull 'co' data.

You can also update your AD directly in the Attribute editor. 

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