How to disable Outlook roaming signatures

First announced in January 2020, Microsoft's Outlook roaming signatures feature is now in General Availability.

What is the Outlook roaming signatures feature?

The Outlook roaming signatures feature allows email signatures to be stored in the cloud via a user’s mailbox rather than in the local Outlook profile folder.

This means a user’s email signature is always available when accessing Outlook for Windows from a different desktop device.

The feature is useful when you get a new PC or use multiple computers, i.e., a desktop PC at work and a laptop PC at home.

We recommend that your move to the add-in deployment method, which is ready for the latest version of Outlook desktop.

If you prefer to continue with Outlook 'classic' desktop, you can disable Outlook roaming signatures. 

If you prefer to continue to use the Xink client, v.3.2.23, from June 2020, it will automatically remove the Outlook roaming signatures feature.

If you use an older version of the Xink client, you can manually disable the feature:

REG ADD "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\16.0\Outlook\Setup" 
/v DisableRoamingSignaturesTemporaryToggle /t REG_DWORD /d 1 /f

If the key does not exist or the value is set to 0, Outlook will use the roaming signatures. The command line will create or override the current value to 1 to ensure that the roaming option is disabled and you can still use/update your signatures.

To execute the command:

1. Open "Command Prompt" as administrator.
2. Type or paste the command line and press Enter key.

Once it says that the operation completed successfully, the key is already set. You can confirm by opening your Registry Editor.

You can also copy the command line in a notepad TXT file and save it as .BAT to create it as a batch file.

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