How to update the native mail app on iOS device (copy/paste)

This hack is only a good option for companies with just a few iPhones - and for companies not using Office 365/G Suite/Exchange Server

It relies on individual employees (or the Xink administrator) to do something on their individual iPhones. 
Obviously, this solution is far from ideal if you want to update your signature every other day or week, but is a workaround for your permanent signature. 

Additionally, for this manual process to work, the email must be sent from Mac (Outlook or Apple Mail) and not Outlook for Windows. 

Why? Because Outlook embeds the image, which makes it show up as a Red X in your iOS inbox. 

Send Your Email Signature to Your iPhone

To get started, send yourself an email from your Outlook (Mac) with your beautiful email signature already at the end of it.

Open the email in your native iPhone email app:

Now you need to copy your email signature. Scroll over to select the text without clicking on anything, which is best done by scrolling from the end of the signature up.

Following the example below, I would start by selecting the word “anything” in the signature

Then select the option to Copy the selected text.

Now paste the email signature into the signature field in your iPhone Settings > Email > Accounts > Signature.

Tap the signature field.

You can choose to apply it to 
all accounts if you have more than one account set up, or to just one account.
If you want to apply a different signature for different accounts, simply repeat the steps in this guide for each.

You have now saved your email signature, with your logo, to your native iPhone email app. 

You can now send emails from your iPhone with a great looking email signature and not simply “Sent from my iPhone.”

Adjust your email signature 

It is very likely that the email signature will not look exactly as you have intended it to.

Blame Apple for this, not us! However, you can use the cursor to adjust text here and there.

Remember that this editor is in no way a designer so you will not be able to fully express your creativity through this setting, so the simpler the iPhone email signature, the better.

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