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How to share email signatures with the PAs

The personal assistant is the email assistant of the CFO and uses his/her email signatures when sending emails on behalf of the CFO. This feature was specifically developed for law firms, companies with secretaries, or personal and email assistants.

First, click the big gear iconselect the General tab, and select Preferences.
Make sure the 'Shared employee selected by default is enabled: 

Go to the Xink Portal, then select the Employees tab in the Main Menu.
You start by selecting the managers that must have their email signatures assigned to the PA:

A new window will open where you search/select the PA:

You will find an overview of the Shared Signatures in the EMPLOYEES menu:

How to remove the shared email signatures

When you click the small gear icon and select Shared Signatures, you can delete sharing:

If you try to go back again to the 'Shared Signatures' of the Useryou will notice a checkmark at the end of the name. This confirms that you have correctly completed the steps above.


Does this functionality work on Mac?

Yes, as long as you use Outlook as your email client.

Does this work with Outlook on Windows?
Yes, this works in Outlook versions 2016+ and above. 
Does this work with Outlook on the web?
Which signatures are made optional?
The default and the reply email signatures are made available.
If the users do not have a default or reply signature assigned, then the PA will not see a default signature for this person.
Do we need to upgrade to get this functionality?

An upgrade is not required. It's a built-in feature at no extra cost.

What if a user had a campaign or image I don't have?
They are automatically copied over for you to use, and you wouldn't have to worry because this is already taken care of by Xink.

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