IT Pro: How to filter users in Azure AD using Client-Side

Client-side filter is used when an attribute like companyName is NOT supported in Microsoft API(OData Filter). Click HERE for all the list of supported attributes.

The Client-side filter can work in combination with Server-side filters.

Under Preferences > Integration > Azure AD, tick the box Enable on Azure AD user Synchronization

This filter returns all users with Company1 and Company2 as their company name.

$.company == 'Company1' || $.company == 'Company2'

More Examples:

This filter will import only users with the specified email domain for example all users with

$.mail != null && $.mail.indexOf('') > -1

This filter will import only users with a last name and enabled account

$.sn != null && $.sn.length > 0

This filter will import all users with the specified email domains ( and

$.mail != null && ($.mail.indexOf('') > -1 || $.mail.indexOf('') > -1)

Import only users with a job title which is an easy way to filter out 'non-real' user

$.title != null && $.title.length > 0

Import users from either the specified departments(Marketing or Support Team).

$.department == "Marketing" || $.department == "Support Team"

Import users from the specified company name

$.company == "Company Name" 

If you created a custom extension attribute in Azure AD, you may also use it as a filter depending on its value. The below filter will only import the extensionAttribute1 that has value of B1 and B2. 

$.extension_f233e43216f748ee99bbcddf6940c7340_extensionAttribute1 == "B1" || $.extension_f233e220d6f748ee991234fsdfg7340_extensionAttribute1 == "B2"

See How to sync Azure AD custom extension attribute to Xink.

NOTE: In Client-side filtering, check connectivity will not show the number of users that met the filter conditions.


The Javascript syntax is used in the Client-Side filtering. 

Learn more about Javascript SYNTAX and OPERATORS.


This filter will only import users with postal code: 12345

$.postalCode == '12345'

Client-Side filter supported attributes

For more details about supported properties, click on the Microsoft link below and search 'Supports $filter'. Only the properties marked with 'Supports $filter' are supported in Microsoft Graph API.

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