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IT Pro: Mass deployment of the Xink client for Mac


Enabling mass deployment for Mac through Jamf or some similar tool involves the following steps.

  • Get Xink domain token.
  • Download the shell deployment script.
  • Change the script for your setup.

We will go through each step below.


Mass deployment for Mac requires Xink app version 2.1.4 or higher.
Download the latest Xink client for Mac here 
It's the same package used with invitation email deployment method.

The steps

Get Xink domain token

The Xink app needs your Xink domain token to identify your Xink account.

Go to your Xink dashboard and click the gearwheel icon at the top right corner.
Choose Preferences and go to Downloads.  Click Step 2 - IT: Obtain the ADM template (HKLM registry) link.

Now click Add to create a token if you do not already have on and click the copy icon to the right of your token to copy the token to the clipboard.

Download the shell deployment script

Next up is downloading the script that sets the user's email address and the domain token on each Mac in your Active Directory.  You can download the script from GitHub:


The script is based on a script written by Microsoft.  It tries to look up the user's email address from Kerberos, NoMad or Enterprise Connect.  If found it will add the email address to the user default settings for the Xink app to use.

You should add the script to your Jamf Xink deployment but first, you need to add your Xink domain ticket to the script.  You also need to set a few other things, such as whether or not you wish to set Xink signatures for Microsoft Outlook or Apple Mail.  The next step will show you how.

Change the script for your setup

You need to add your domain token to the script. Open the script in your favorite text editor (e.g. Visual Studio Code) and locate the following line.

Insert your domain token so that it looks similar to this.

Further down in the script you will se a couple of lines looking like this.

Use these settings to specify Xink for Microsoft Outlook and for Apple Mail. To use Outlook make sure that "updateSignaturesForOutlook" is set to 1 and similarly set "updateSignaturesForMail" to 1 if you wish to set the signatures for Apple Mail.  Also, depending on if your users are using iCloud to back up Apple Mail, set "isUsingICloudDrive" to 0 or 1.  This setting is only relevant if you use Apple Mail.

You might want to test the script manually before running it in Jamf.  To do that start a Terminal and run the following two commands.

chmod +x SigninHelperXinkOnly

That is it.  Now, all that is left is to run the script as part of your Jamf deployment of the Xink app.

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