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How to Target, Preview and Launch Email Signature Campaigns

Email signature marketing sees more traffic to your website than any other marketing activity because your email gets more eyeballs than anything else. 

When launching marketing campaigns in the daily email communications, it's important to try and make the campaigns as relevant and targeted to the audience as possible.

Using Xink Campaign, you can create email signature campaigns that target specific audiences and immediately apply them to only the employees that can best reach that specific audience, whether it is a location or a specific customer of a specific role or department. Then, like all good marketing, you can then measure it all with marketing analytics, even running A/B tests to find the right marketing campaigns for the right audiences.

How to target a campaign to an email signature

In the CAMPAIGNS menu, click the campaign and then select the signatures where the campaign should be added:

Employees using the selected email signatures will get the campaign added below their current email signature.

In SIGNATURES menu, select one or more of these employees and Preview:

Click OK to launch or schedule the Campaign.

How to target a campaign to a group of employees 

Campaign rules allow you to create  ‘if this, then that’ scenarios that enable you to drill even further down to even more targeted audiences, drilling down by location, department and even role, as well as any additional conditions you determine.

When you save your first campaign rule, campaigns applied to the email signatures (described above) are disabled.

This is by design to make it easier to understand why certain employees get a specific campaign applied to their email signature while others do not.

In the Preferences menu, click Rules and then '+' to create a rule by role, department or location and assign a campaign:

  1. Select 'Use extra condition' only if you want an additional filter to make the campaign more targeted.
  2. Select 'Look in the next active rule' when you need a fallback.
  3. Select the campaign you wish to apply the rule to and then select which email signatures.
  4. Click 'Test' and Save when OK.

You have now created your first campaign rule:

Click the gear wheel to edit the campaign rule:

In the EMPLOYEES menu, you'll get a quick overview:

In the SIGNATURES menu, you can select an employee to Preview his or her signature:

REAL-TIME Updates 

Once a campaign is running, email signatures are updated company-wide within one hour (by default)

You can use your Campaign Dashboard to monitor and improve results.

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