Introducing Email Signature Campaigns

Every day your company probably send hundreds or thousands of emails to a targeted and trusting audience.

Now you can harness the power of those emails by not only ensuring that the email signature meets brand standards but also by including targeted email signature marketing messages - grouped by region, role or title - all centrally managed, deployed and scheduled by marketing.

Put your staff email signatures to work by adding customized marketing campaigns to your most-viewed marketing channel. Your daily email communications channel. Use Xink Campaigns to collect more followers on social media, announce the news, schedule deals, coupons, holiday wishes, and to drive targeted traffic to your web site. 

Xink Campaigns makes sure you continue your beautiful branding look and strategy and gets you more social media followers with stunning social media icons.

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Why use email signature campaigns?

Email signature marketing is one of the simplest and easiest ways to market your product or service online.

The act of placing a compelling headline, call to action and a simple link at the end of your email signature can easily attract new prospects to your online offerings. Though simple, this is a powerful marketing technique for exposing any offer:

  • Social media
  • Webinars
  • User Conferences
  • Company Press Releases
  • Sales Promotions
  • New Office Hours or Locations

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How to launch an email signature marketing campaign?

Click the Campaigns menu and then the '+' button to add your first campaign. 

Find an online offer, create a compelling tagline or headline, add a call to action, place a link to the offer.

You’ve just created another channel for marketing your online products or services. That’s it, a simple, yet perpetual ad that has unlimited possibilities.

Each time employees hit the 'send button' to send an email; They are exposing your offer. Sooner or later, the recipients will click, and more prospects are exposed to your offer.  

Some of the emails will be forwarded to other contacts, and so on. Their signature and the link to your offer could find its way to many additional prospects effortlessly.

If you would like to take this a step further, select tracking to track the number of opens/clicks that the signature adds receives

This will provide excellent feedback concerning the effectiveness of your email signature campaign.

It’s a good idea to spend a little time constructing your headline and call to action to ensure that you’ve created compelling content.

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Don’t underestimate the power of this simple marketing tool for exposing your online offers and social media

You’ll be surprised how quickly a simple email signature add can attract the attention of new prospects and customers. 

Add a compelling campaign to employees email signatures and watch your online offers gain additional exposure.

Quick 1-on-1 demo (30 min.) 

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