Manually map domains - Server-Side Integration

The aim of this article is to describe the process of executing a script for adding new domains to the tenant while preventing the remapping of existing domains. Additionally, it addresses any potential errors reflected by the Validate tool during this process.

To proceed, you'll need to download the provided file ( After downloading, extract its contents and then follow the instructions outlined below.

Prepare the domains text file first:
Open the domains.txt file and list the domains to be included in the server-side domain mapping.



- Make sure that there are no blank or empty lines

- Only 1 initial domain on the list (

- The domains on the list do not exist in other Xink accounts

Once the text file is ready, you can proceed to execute the script:

1. Open Powershell in Admin mode.

2. Change the directory to the folder where the files are stored.

3. Declare a variable and store your Xink admin credential.

4. Execute the script with the variable and the text file: .\rr-dimport.ps1 $c domains.txt

The script will then process. It will list the domains and post the status once done.


Proceed to check your server-side integration in the Xink portal and verify if the domains are listed.

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