General questions for Microsoft 365 environment

Q: Does Xink support Outlook with Microsoft 365?

A: Yes. Xink supports fully Microsoft 365 with Outlook on Windows/Mac as the email program. The signatures are visible as emails are composed.

Q: Does the Xink platform update email signatures for mobile devices?

A: Yes. Email signatures are applied when the email is sent from mobile devices.  

Q: Does Xink support 'Outlook on the web' email client?

A: Yes. When you integrate ‘Outlook on the web’ email signature is updated and the signature is visible as emails are composed. 

Q: When is the Xink client needed?

A: You need to deploy the Xink client when users need to see their email signature(s) as they compose their emails in Outlook/Apple Mail. Not required for Outlook on the web (browser) and Mobile email signatures. 

Q: What do we need to install if we use both Outlook and 'Outlook on the web'?

A: If you use both Outlook and ‘Outlook on the web’ you need to install the Xink client to get the signature visible in Outlook. You also need to set up the Microsoft 365 integration in Xink to be able to see the signature in ‘Outlook on the Web’ when you compose the email.

Q: Can we apply the company signatures at the server?

A: Yes. 'Fully server-side' setting will apply the default/reply signatures when the email is sent - For all email clients/devices. The email signatures are visible in recipients inbox - Not when the email is composed.

Q: Do we need to use the Microsoft 365 integration if we are using Outlook only?

A: No. If you are using Outlook only, then you don’t need to integrate to Microsoft 365. You only need to install or deploy the Xink client.

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