IT Pro: How to troubleshoot if server-side does not apply the signature

If the email signature is not applied when sent, the troubleshooting sequence can be the following.

Is the user found in EMPLOYEES?

Only employees in Xink will get a signature applied.

Is default signature applied for the user?

It's the default signature that is applied when sent from mobile devices.
If company default show, make sure to check that company default is set in Signatures menu.

Send an email using the marker: {EMAILSIGNATURE}

Validate that the marker is replaced with the default signature applied in your Xink account.

The marker is not replaced

Check message headers, Received headers to be more specific. Example:

Received: from ([]

by with esmtps (TLS1.2:ECDHE_RSA_AES_256_CBC_SHA384:256)

(Exim 4.89)

(envelope-from <>)

id 1exVUW-000BgF-Ty

for; Sun, 18 Mar 2018 10:24:41 +0000

To know if the email was processed by Xink Server look for Keyword xink-rerouter- in the hostname part. And another one, more simple: X-Xink-Handled: Yes header.

Is xink-rerouter/Xink-Handled keywords missing in the header?

This means the message never reached Xink server.
You should use “mail flow” tool in Exchange admin to check why.

Is the marker consistent?

If both are present, look at the marker source, e.g. HTML source.
You may find something like <b>{EMAILSIG</b><b>NATURE}</b> there. The marker must be consistent, one string, no markup.

Does the sender email exist in Xink?

Look at the sender email, then check if Employee exists in Xink and if signature(s) are assigned properly.

Is the default signature assigned?

Look at the sender email, then check if signature(s) are assigned properly.

The marker is gone, but no signature show up

This means no signature is assigned to the employee or empty signature is used.

Remember about the cache, it can take up to 20 minutes for any changes to take effect.

You may assign a signature and send test message immediately. This might work and might not, depending on the cache state.

Marker works, but markerless doesn’t

Check if email client application is supported.

If yes, check if any “Sent from my iPhone” or other default signature is present.

Markerless engine replaces the existing signature unless “Fully server-side” check mark is set.

Signature content is replaced, but there must be something to replace.

What's next?

If none of the above clarifies the situation, register the following and submit a support ticket:

  • test message’s sender email address, 
  • recipient email address 
  • time when it was sent, the sharper the better. 

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