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Design and preview your first email signature

If you already got an email signature, you can easily reuse it and of course, you can always modify it later on. Actually, you can upload any email signature from your inbox. So if you got a great looking signature from one of your contacts, you can upload and modify it meet your own style guide.

In this guide, you'll learn how to create a new email signature.

How to design a new signature

Click SIGNATURES menu and then the '+' button:

You don't need an email signature for each of your employees. Instead, you create a template using fields

You use fields to merge employee information so you don't have to create an email signature for each of your employees. 

If all employees are in the same location, and you want to show your company address, you don't have to update the address for all employees. 

Instead, you simply write your company address in your email signature and only use fields for Name, Tel., Email etc.

How to preview

Click SIGNATURES menu and open the design:

Click Preview and select employee from the drop-down list:

  • Preview does not 100% simulate how your design looks on all the different email clients out there. 
  • Preview is your first test which helps you identify obvious errors.
  • You test OK in different email clients before you launch company-wide.

How to upload and insert an image

Click your mouse where you need to put the image, click the image icon on the toolbar.

Click Upload tab, Choose file, Click Send it to the server.

How to insert an image already uploaded

Click the Image Info tab and then click Browse Server:

How to add one of the built-in templates

Click SIGNATURES menu and choose Templates in the left nav menu.

Then click on the gear wheel opposite the template you like and select 'Add to My Signature folder'.

Now you'll find this template when you click SIGNATURES section in the main top menu.

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