How to set company email signatures. (Start here)

Company default is the setting all employees get if nothing else is specified. 

These settings apply when no signatures are set for groups (rules) and individuals (employees).

When assigning email signatures we recommend you prioritize first creating a company default, then drill down to groups, before finally only creating individual signatures for special circumstances - There are three types of email signatures depending on your email client:

  • New messages
  • Reply/forward (which is often an abbreviate version to shorten email chains)
  • Optional (signatures not set as default/reply)
    E.g. language versions or email signatures for shared mailboxes)

How to set company default

In the Signatures menu, click the gear wheel and select 'Set as New' and 'Set as Reply/Forward':

Alternatively, click the signature name and select 'New':

What's next?

Consider other settings for specific departments or individuals.

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