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How to set email signatures for groups

Email signature settings assigned to group of users will overwrite the company default setting (which you set in Signature menu). You can assign settings using rules or via AD group membership.

We suggest rules/groups for larger companies because, for smaller companies, it is just simpler to assign company-wide email signatures and then apply unique email signatures for a few individuals when necessary.

Assign signature settings for AD groups (IT Pro)

This method require knowledge of your Active Directory infrastructure, so if you are not from IT, please lread the next section which you can setup without any technical knowledge.

Assign signature settings using rules

For users whose employee data matches a rule condition, for example for employees located in department = Marketing, they will get the email signature settings defined in that rule.

In Preferences menu (click on drop-down menu below your name or click the big gear wheel):

Rules menu:

  • You can Create, Delete and Edit rules.
  • You can move (drag & drop) rule priority (Top-down).
    When an employee is found in a rule (top-down priority), those email signature settings will apply.   

To create a new rule, click the ‘+ button, build the rule definition and use 'Test' to validate:

Example #1 

The name of the rule is ‘rule for test’. (You can make the Name as detailed as you want.)

The condition: If Department field in the user account equals Marketing, then this condition will be satisfied and the signatures 'Branded Mails' will be applied for his new messages and 'Branded Mails Reply' – for his reply/forward messages in Outlook and 'Branded Mails Asia' will be proposed as available signature. 

Test your condition right off in your ‘rule for test’ pop-up. Click 'Test' button and preview the list of matched employees, who come under this condition:

Example #2

The name of the rule is ‘rule for test 2’.

The condition: If Mobile field contains '27' digit in a user account, then this condition will be satisfied and the signatures 'Branded Mails Asia' will be applied for his New messages and 'Branded Mails Reply' – for his Replies/Forwards in Outlook and 'Branded Mails' will be added as an optional one (which mean that this signature can be selected by the employees). But If Mobile field doesn't contain '27' in a user account, then this condition won't be satisfied and applied for such users. The signatures from the SIGNATURES section will be applied for these users instead.

Hit "Test" to preview the employees, who fall under this ‘rule for test 2’ condition.

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