How to upload an email signature and quickly create the template

Reusing an existing email signature is a great way to get going; you can modify it later.

We show uploading using Outlook on Windows, but you can use any email client to upload an existing email signature.

You might want to Add Employees after this step to ensure everything looks good for everyone, not just you.

How to upload an existing email signature

You can upload any email signature from your inbox.


  1. Click the '+' button > 'Upload signature from Outlook or Gmail':

  2. A popup dialogue box will open up. Click the 'Add' button.
    If your Mail To window doesn't open, go here.

  3. A New Email will open in a new tab or window (depending on how your email is set up).
    You'll see a long number in the subject line that you shouldn't change.
    Don't change or add anything. Your email signature should automatically populate.

    Hit 'Send', and your email signature should be automatically added to Xink under the 'Signatures' tab.

  4. Your email signature is now added to your Xink account.
    Feel free now to change the name of your signature to something human-read.

  5. Now you can create your company template by editing your signature.
    Replace your static details with dynamic fields by selecting the text and replacing it with the appropriate field from the Fields drop-down list on the toolbar (i.e., click 'DisplayName' so ((DisplayName)) replaces Your Name).

    To use the signature for plain text emails, click on the 'Plain text signature' tab and create a simple text signature with dynamic fields in this section.
    If your template includes email, remember to add the field to the email link:

  6. And check that it looks good by clicking the 'Preview' tab (also check someone else, not only your email.)

Does everything look good? Then you're good to go!

The next step is to make it the Default Signature for some or all users

Here you have two quick options:

  • When still inside the signature, you can click Default, then Save.
  • If you are in your Signatures menu, you can select your favourite Signature > Click on your Gear preferences menu > 'Set as Default':

What's next?

Learn how to set email signatures for all groups and individuals.

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