A big spacing is showing between the lines in your signature

If you send your email signature from Outlook on the web to Gmail, you can face the issue with a huge spacing between the lines in your signature on the recipient side.

The spacing can show ok when you are composing a new email in Outlook on the web, but after the email is sent, the default line spacing applies and destroy your signature design.

The line spacing in the disclaimer is ok in the new email in Outlook on the web:

When you receive this email in Gmail, the line spacing inside the disclaimer can look differently and ruin your design idea:

You can fix this line spacing issue by adding your Xink signature in Outlook on the web via Xink add-in.
Follow this manual to add Xink add-in in your Outlook on the web.

If you add the signature with the Xink add-in, the spacing will save correctly after the email is sent:

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