How to enable multi-factor authentication using TOTP

Recommend TOTP application provided by Microsoft and Google but if you have an existing one that you trust you then you can use it as well.

We support Time Based One Time passwords, e.g. TOTP.
It is a standard thing. Customers need any software authenticator that supports TOTP.
Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, FreeOTP, etc. to use this feature.

Go to Preferences -> General Tab -> Security -> Multifactor authentication policy for the account.
There is a drop-down list with three options:

  1. Disabled: This is the default, set for all accounts right now. Everything works without 2FA.
  2. Allowed: 2FA is allowed, account admin can configure it for herself, then disable if needed.
  3. Enforced: 2FA is forcibly enabled for the whole account if account admin didn’t configure it for herself yet – she is redirected to set sequence right after login.

Recommend TOTP application provided by Apple Store and Google Play Store but if you have an existing one that you trust then feel free to use it.

1. Microsoft Authenticator
2. Google Authenticator

Apple Store:

Play store: 

When multi-factor authentication is enabled, you will be prompted with this page when you log in, click 'Start.'

You will need to download and install TOTP application on your phone to scan the QR Code as shown below.
Open your App and scan QR code and finally enter the randomly generated code shown in your phone.

Phone was lost/stolen and other common issues

Google Authenticator:

Microsoft Authenticator:

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