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How to change content (IFNULL... THEN... ELSE)


  • Show direct number if the mobile is empty.
  • Allow users the flexibility to create their own sign off without you as the admin have to create additional templates.
  • Allow users to add their own LinkedIn, and if they don't, the company LinkedIn profile is used.


This is the IF NULL ... THEN ... ELSE statement:

{$$IFNULL(   Field   )$$THEN(   text   )$$ELSE(   Field   )$$}

Let's look at a few examples.

Example #1 - How to show the direct number if the mobile is empty  

{$$IFNULL(Mobile)$$THEN(direct 208-555-1275)$$ELSE(cell ((Mobile)))$$}

You preview the results of the condition in Preview tab of your signature.

Alexander Beck has Mobile field content and his email signature incl. his cell no.:

Ann Appleseed has no Mobile content and instead, her email signature show her direct no.:

Example #2 - How to create dynamic sign off

Let's say that you would like to allow end-users to maintain their own sign-off and if they don't, they will get the company standard. 

{$$IFNULL(SignOff)$$THEN(Best regards)$$ELSE(((SignOff)))$$}

Now users can update their own email signature sign off in the Xink app and if they don't, they will get the company default. When an end-user requests a specific sign off, you don't have to create a new template to meet that request. And you don't have to streamline everyone to use one specific sign off. What’s the right way to sign off an email?

Example #3 - How to create dynamic LinkedIn

Here's an easy way to allow end-users to update and maintain their own LinkedIn using 'My Contact Details' in the Xink clients. You can also update Employees if you prefer no user interaction.

In this example the link is if ((LinkedIn)) field is empty.

If user link is updated, then that link is used.


When you made the field editable, then the end-user can update in their Xink client by clicking 'My Contact Details':

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