How to put a campaign inside the signature (and use the disclaimer tag when segmenting campaigns via rules)

Now it is possible to put a campaign or several campaigns inside your signature wherever you like, not only at the bottom of your signature.

You can do this by adding in your signature a special field, which will contain the appropriate campaign id like this - ((campaign:1234)). With id, you specify which campaign exactly you want to render in your signature.


When you open a campaign in the Campaigns section, you can find Campaign # id at the top of the right-hand menu. You should copy these digits and paste them in your campaign field. What should you get is ((campaign:4652))

Then you should open your signature and paste the campaign field ((campaign:4652)) in your signature on that place you want your campaign to be displayed.

Preview what you've got in your email. The campaign appeared in your signature on the place you pasted campaign id.

Only works on active campaigns. So before inserting the campaign tag in your email signature template, verify if this campaign is enabled in your Xink account. Will override Campaign segmentation via campaign rules.


How to use a disclaimer with campaign rules

When using campaign rules and also need a disclaimer, you use the disclaimer tag for extra flexibility.


We describe the steps in this guide because you re-use the campaign tag described above.

  1. Create your disclaimer in the Campaigns menu.
  2. Copy the ((campaign:id)) and paste it to your email signature templates where you want your disclaimer to show.
  3. Rename it to ((disclaimer:id)).

Done - Now, your rule-based campaigns will show above the disclaimer tag. 

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