10 campaign headlines that work

When the headline interests the recipients, they will click - and they are more likely to click on a campaign in an email signature as they already know the sender. 

Time is short. Give recipients a reason to click

Here's your handy tips of more ways to kick start your first email signature campaigns using efficient headlines.

Read them, love them, learn from them and make ‘em your own!

  1. Who Else Wants [blank]?

    Starting a headline with “Who Else Wants…” is a classic social proof strategy that implies an already existing consensus desire.

  2. The Secret of [SOME KIND OF EXPERT]

    This one is used quite a bit, but that’s because it works. Share insider knowledge and translate it into a benefit for the reader.

  3. Here is a Method That is Helping [blank] to [blank]  

    Simply identify your target audience and the benefit you can provide them, and fill in the blanks.

  4. Little Known Ways to [blank] 

    A more intriguing (and less common) way of accomplishing the same thing as “The Secret of…” headline.

  5. Get Rid of [problem] Once and For All 

    A classic formula that identifies either a painful problem or an unfulfilled desire that the reader wants to remedy.

  6. Here’s a Quick Way to [solve a problem] 

    People love quick and easy when it comes to solving a nagging problem.

  7. Now You Can Have [something desirable] [great circumstance]  

    The is the classic “have your cake and eat it too” headline — and who doesn’t like that?

  8. [Do something] like [world-class example] 

    Gatorade milked this one fully with the “Be Like Mike” campaign featuring Michael Jordan in the early 1990s.

  9. Have a [or] Build a [blank] You Can Be Proud Of 

    Appeal to vanity, dissatisfaction, or shame. Enough said.

  10. What Everybody Ought to Know About [blank]  

    Big curiosity draw with this type of headline, and it acts almost as a challenge to the reader to go ahead and see if they are missing something.

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