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How to Design your first Email Signature Campaign

Use email signature campaigns to promote social media, relevant news, events, and marketing content in every email sent.

In the CAMPAIGNS menu, click '+' to add a new campaign:

In the built-in editor, you can upload a banner, create text with links or copy/paste in HTML source from your preferred designer:

  • Priority is used when more than one campaign is running at the same time.
    is often used in companies that want to run a short­term marketing campaign or deal while continuing to use their long­term campaign, which can often be things like social media campaign.

    Campaign with Priority #1 will show above campaign with Priority #2 etc.
    You can run more than two campaigns, but we don’t recommend overloading the email signature call to action.
  • Notes are for Xink Marketing admins only. They are for internal use and don’t affect your email signature or campaign.

To insert a link, click the infinity link icon in the menu:


You can use fields in campaigns, e.g. ((Department)), to personalize your campaigns.
Since the Fields menu does not show the campaign designer, you need to type the field name. You can copy the correct field name from the Signatures designer and avoid typos.

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