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How to set email signatures for groups

Email signatures (New/Reply/Optional) assigned to a group of users will overwrite the company default setting (which you set in Signature menu). You can assign signatures to a group of users using via group membership in Active Directory and Google Directory, via folders and using field content.

We suggest rules/groups for larger companies because, for smaller companies, it is just simpler to assign company-wide email signatures and then apply unique email signatures for a few individuals when necessary.

IT Pro: Segment using group membership

This method requires knowledge of your IT infrastructure, so if you are not from IT, please read the next section which you can set up without any technical knowledge.

IT Pro: How to read groups from Google Directory.

When using a semi-colon (no spaces before and after semi-colon) you can apply signatures to multiple groups:


"Services";"Sales Team";"Release Manager" will assign signatures to members of Services OR Sales Team OR Release Manager groups. 

Segment using folders

You create a folder in EMPLOYEES, add users to the folder and create a rule.

Segment using field content

For users whose employee data matches a rule condition, for example for employees located in department = Marketing, they will get the email signature settings defined in that rule.

In the Preferences menu (click on the drop-down menu below your name or click the big gear wheel):

You can Create, Delete and Edit rules.
You can move (drag & drop) rule priority (Top-down).
When an employee is found in a rule (top-down priority), those settings will apply.  

To create a new rule, click the ‘+’ button, build the rule definition and use 'Test' to validate:

Example #1 - Assign signatures to a department

Email signatures are assigned to employees in the Marketing department.

Example #2 - Assign signatures based on tel. number

Email signatures are assigned to employees with '27' in their mobile number.

Example #3 - Assign signatures based on the check type field

Alexander Beck has 'Show cell number' checked.

Email signatures are assigned to employees with the 'Show cell number' checked/enabled.

Use 'equal' filter and type manually 'True' value to define the group of your employees, who has 'Show cell number' checked. If you want to filter employees, who have 'Show cell number' field not checked, then use 'not equal' filter and type manually 'True'.

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