How to allow employees to update certain information

Use Cases

  • You want to add extra flexibility and allow end users to update certain information which is not updated centrally.
  • You can give limited creative freedom to your employees to allow them to decide, for example, whether or not to include their LinkedIn profiles, their headshots or their own sign-off
  • You are reading employee data from Active Directory, but not all data required in the email signature are updated, and there is no need to update centrally.

How to make allow certain information to be updated by the employees

Click on the Gear in the upper right side of your Xink Account > Preferences > Fields.

  1. Click the small gear wheel, and select 'Edit'.
  2. Check 'Editable by the employee'.
  3. Learn how to preserve manually edited fields from getting overwritten (e.g. from the Azure AD sync). If there is no content in Azure AD and you want all employees to update, you can remove the 'Property name'.

Click Save for that particular field and then hit Save again to save all changes made to your Preferences when finished.

How do employees update when using the add-in (Win/Mac/Web/Citrix/Virtual Desktop)?

How do employees update in the Xink client on Windows?

First, you need to make the employee aware of this new option.

  1. The employee should click on the Xink application on his PC's system tray. 
  2. Click on My Contact Details.
  3. Update information.

In the example below, the employee can edit his Mobile number and LinkedIn profile link, include his head-shot photo and choose to Show/Not Show his mobile number in his signatures:

How do employees update in the Xink client on Mac?

  1. The employee should click on the Xink icon in the menu bar at the top of the screen on his Mac.
  2. Click on My profile....
  3. Update information.

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