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Import users from an Excel spreadsheet

Simply set up the Excel file correctly, upload it and use ‘Import’ option to move user data from uploaded excel file to the Employees section. 

Consequently, all the imported data is transferred in the form of separate user records, pre-populated.

Simply follow the example below for how to set up your Excel file, upload it to Xink Excel Uploader, and Click Import. 

All imported data will become separate, pre-populated user records. 

Xink Excel uploader supports only xlsx formatted spreadsheets

The xlsx format is supported by Office 2013, 2016 and Office 365. Other file formats will not work (xls and csv will not work).

Prepare your Excel (xlsx file)

Make sure Row 1 of your Excel spreadsheet is the exact nomenclature you use to describe Xink fields because you will need to map the columns to Xink fields. Delete the columns you don't want to update. The Email is required to identify the employee to update. 

Import from Excel

Now that your XSLX file is complete, follow the next three steps to get these users uploaded to your Xink account:
  1. Log into your Xink > EMPLOYEES.
    Click the (+) plus-sign button and choose 'IMPORT FROM EXCEL' in the drop-down.

    You will be presented with the following Employee List Import prompt. Click Browse and upload your file.

  2. As you see in the example below, your XSLX will now populate your data on the next screen.
    Simply select the Xink fields for the respective column names. Make sure each column name is linked to a Xink field.

    Only if you want to remove all existing employee information and replace with all information from this particular XSLX, click 'Overwrite existing.'
    Don't worry about duplicate employee information, Xink takes care of it.

  3. Click 'Import' and you will find all the contacts under 'EMPLOYEES'.

    Now your Employee list will be permanently updated within your account.

Update only specific fields 

You can update specific fields of your employees with 'Overwrite existing' option. Include in your Excel:

  1. The email of the employee. It a mandatory field. 
  2. The specific fields you want to update for those employees.

    Note that you should remove fields which you don't want to update. If you leave an empty value, it will update this field as empty.

For example, if you want to update only a mobile for a separate employee, your Excel should include only Email and Mobile and look like this:

Next, you should go in Employees section, click Import from Excel and check 'Overwrite existing' option before doing the import. As a result, the value from the current excel will overwrite the existed value in the employee record in Xink. 

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