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How to randomize email signature campaigns

You can automatically switch between campaigns. Because of the variation, the campaigns will likely get more attention and a higher CTR.

For instance, you have email signatures with banners for new products/services and want to automatically switch/rotate between the different products based on a schedule.

The campaign rule 'date and time contains'

2023-01-08 11:10:09

Multi values can be used:



8th, 10th and 12th, you run Campaign A:


The campaign rule 'day of week is'

Monday, Mon, 1, Mo, M
Tuesday, Tue, 2, Tu, T
Wednesday, Wed, 3, We, W
Thursday, Thu, 4, Th, R
Friday, Fri, 5, Fr, F
Saturday, Sat, 6, Sa, S
Sunday, Sun, 7, Su, U

Multi values can be used:



Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, you run Campaign B:


Then schedule a similar campaign for Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday.

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