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IT Pro: Unattended deployment of Xink Addin (Office 365)

This article is intended for use by the Office 365 administrator, IT Administrator and System Administrator.

First, you need to have permission to impersonate all mailboxes.  Please refer to this guide on how to grant application impersonation.

Part 1 - Deployment of Xink Addin

Login to Exchange admin center > Organization > add from file and upload "XinkOutlookAddinManifest.xml"

Edit Xink Addin and select Optional, enabled by default or Mandatory, always enabled and Save.


Part 2 - Deployment of Xink Domain Token

1. Login to Xink portal and copy the Xink domain token here ->

Click the icon to the right

2. Now run the PS Scripts. Start by downloading it from

Start PowerShell as administrator and run this command:

Execute: Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned

Then open the downloaded script "Load-Exchange-Session.ps1" and run it.  It will run for a while.

When it is done, load "Set-DomainToken.ps1" and run it. It will ask for the Xink domain token that you copied above. It will also prompt for your Office 365 admin credentials a couple of times.

Note: For Outlook on the web, you need to refresh the browser before any changes take effect.

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