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How to update signatures in Outlook on the web using the Xink Add-in

This article is intended for use by the Microsoft 365 administrators, IT Administrator, and Systems Administrator.

Follow these steps to mass deploy the Xink Outlook add-in to your employees through Microsoft 365 Exchange Online. This Add-in will set the default signature, reply signature, and allow the end-users to have multiple signatures for Outlook on the Web.
Our Xink add-in works for Outlook on Windows and Outlook for Mac and Outlook on the web.


If the add-in has been deployed before November 29, 2021, you remove the old version and install the new manifest. Please note that you have to wait for the add-in icon to disappear before installing the new version.

Part 1 - Download Xink add-in manifest

  1. Sign in with your Xink administrator account - Click your name on the upper right - preferences - downloads Step 2 - IT: Obtain the ADMX template (If you have no manifest, you need to click "add" to create one).
    Click "Get manifest" to download the file named "XinkOutlookAddinManifest.xml".

Part 2 - Deployment of the Xink add-in

  1. Login to and upload "XinkOutlookAddinManifest.xml", choose "Upload custom app".

  2. Upload "XinkOutlookAddinManifest.xml":

  3. Select the target group or you may select the Entire organization.

  4. Choose which users you want to deploy to and finish the setup.
    Note that it may take several hours before an add-in is visible to the users:
    NOTE: You can contact Microsoft 365 support if you still don't see the Xink add-in published on user's Outlook or webmail after 6-24hrs.

  5. Once the add-in is deployed, it will set up your default and reply signature. To check for your optional signatures, look for the Xink icon and choose your signature.


The manifest expires with the domain token because the token is embedded in the manifest. So the client has to remove the old version and install the new manifest.

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