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IT Pro: How to update email signatures in Outlook on Win/Mac/Web/Citrix/Virtual Desktop (Add-in)

This guide is a quick two-step cross-platform deployment using the Xink add-in through Microsoft 365.

If you are non-tech and have 365 admin credentials, we will help you get started on a quick remote session > Pick our time slot (30 min.).

This Add-in will set the default signature, reply signature, and allow the end-users to see their email signatures as they compose the email. In addition, they can select among multiple email signatures (shared mailbox signatures, other languages, an internal signature, etc.).

  • Outlook on Windows
  • Outlook for Mac
  • Outlook on the web
  • Outlook on Citrix
  • Outlook on Azure Virtual Desktop


Access required:  Only Global and Exchange administrators can access Integrated Apps and deploy add-ins in Microsoft 365.

As per the Microsoft article: Windows 10 version 1903 or higher and Microsoft 365 version 16.011629 or higher.

Ready for One Outlook

Ready for the Microsoft’s New One Outlook Client Now Available for All Office Insiders. Microsoft has begun official external testing of the new unified Outlook client for Windows.

Part 1 - Download the Xink add-in manifest

  1. Sign in with your Xink administrator account > Click on the big gear icon (top right hand) > Downloads > Step 2 - IT: Obtain the ADMX template (If you have no manifest, you need to click "Add" to create one).
    Click "Get manifest" to download the file named "XinkOutlookAddinManifest.xml".

Part 2 - Deployment of the Xink add-in

  1. Login to and upload "XinkOutlookAddinManifest.xml" choose "Upload custom app".

  2. Upload "XinkOutlookAddinManifest.xml" file: 

  3. Select the target user group, or you may select the Entire organization if you're deploying for all employees. Please note that nested groups are not supported.

    And then click, -> Accept permissions.

    Login with Microsoft 365 global admin credential.

  4. Choose which users you want to deploy to and finish the setup. Note that it may take several hours before an add-in is visible to the users:

  5. Once the add-in is deployed, it will automatically set up your new and reply email signature.

    Look for the Xink icon if you need to choose an optional email signature (e.g., another language version).

    Outlook on Windows:

    Outlook on the web:

    How to check if the Xink add-in works?

    Go to the Employee menu of the Xink admin portal and notice the green dot in front of the user profile. It indicates the connection time stamp of the Xink portal and the user profile.

    How to append the signature to older versions of Outlook?

    As a default, the auto-insert signature is only available in Office 365 Outlook. In older versions, the end-user must pin the add-in to force the signature to append automatically.

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