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How to configure server-side using the web console

We designed the server-side method for Microsoft 365 and Hybrid to catch outgoing emails in the mail flow and apply the user’s email signature from your Xink account.

The emails are caught by Xink server hosted in Azure Cloud (same data centers as Microsoft 365) where we apply the default/reply signatures. Once the signature replacement has taken place, the email is delivered back to your Microsoft 365 tenant, which will then be responsible for sending the mail.

Xink re-router is intelligent in the sense that it analyzes emails for known signature patterns with the purpose to find an existing email signature in outgoing message and replace it with the Xink signature. If we detect a known reply/forward pattern, we insert the reply signature from Xink. Otherwise, the default signature is applied.

Xink Azure server will never deliver any emails, only the signature placement will take place, and hence the customer's Microsoft 365 account will be responsible for the actual delivery. You can be sure that your full branding initiatives are in place and visible, no matter which app, device, or email client you use.  Xink Server-Side will work pretty much just out-of-the-box.

You use the marker when you test OK without affecting any users > {EMAILSIGNATURE} > Watch the video and learn how:

When to use Server-Side?

Server-side is used to apply an email signature when an email is sent from mobile devices.
Besides, the 'Fully server-side' setting', is used when you prefer that all email clients get a signature applied at the server (incl. Outlook on Windows/Mac/Browser - Not only for mobile devices).

Emails sent from mobile devices will get an email signature applied instead of showing, e.g. 'Sent from my iPhone' or 'Sent from Android'.

Learn more > FAQ for Microsoft 365.
Best practices > Server-Side Best Practices.

All Xink mail servers are located in Azure datacenters, each one in the same datacenter as Xink application server, e.g. United States, Canada, United Kingdom, European Union, Australia, etc. All communications between Microsoft 365 server and Xink servers are encrypted (TLS 1.2/SSL).

Xink mail servers do not deliver emails to the final recipients. After processing the messages, we return your emails to your tenant for further delivery in a conventional way.

Xink mail servers handle a very dense stream of emails and can cause delivery delays. A typical delay is about 5 seconds. Each signature is cached by the ReRouter for 20 minutes (the actual number will change, but the cache will exist always). It means that all changes in a signature (text, field values, anything) propagates to the ReRouter within this period and will not be visible immediately.

How to configure using the web console?

Web Console is a simple tool to configure Xink server-side. 

Technically it is a proxy between Microsoft 365 PowerShell console and the user. Xink web server creates a PowerShell remote session and interacts with Microsoft 365 server, and then it shows the results back to the user in the form of console-like output.

Alternatively, configure Server-Side via PowerShell without entering Microsoft 365 admin credentials (IT Pro).

Open 'Preferences' menu, select 'Integration' tab.
Click 'Office 365 (Server-Side)' and you will find the 'Open Console' button.

When you click 'Open Console', the popup window appears, and you connect using Microsoft 365 admin credentials:

Then exit the window above.

NEXT - Wait for 15-30 minutes and notice the list of discovered domain map.

Exit the window above. When you see your domain listed on domain map, then you are successful.

Embed images on your email signature

You can use embedded images in your email signatures when using Xink server-side in Microsoft 365. 

We highly recommend that you enable this feature. When enabled, we make sure that your email signature images and logos always appear without requiring for download when the email is received.

To enable this feature in Xink, just check the “Embed Email Signature Images”.

Apply the email signature when the email is sent (Fully server-side)

We always apply the Mobile email signatures at the server. But you can also choose to select server-side for all other email clients (Outlook, Apple Mail, Outlook on the web, etc.). Then all emails will get their email signature applied at the server.

The email signature is not visible as the email is composed. Learn more.

Please consult Xink support team before applying 'Fully server-side' setting for recommendations and Best Practices.

Test Xink signature on the mobile device

  1. Android devices 
  2. iOS devices

What's next

Server-side Best Practices.

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