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How to add other Xink administrators and set roles

Xink role based access control capability allow Xink Administrators to assign login to other admins with different levels of permissions based on their job role.


  • Admin A is administrator and is the user who created the Xink account. 
  • Admin B is able to update email signatures (marketing/communications dept.).
  • Admin C is able to create/monitor campaign results (marketing dept.).

How to add administrator and set permissions

Click Admins in the drop-down menu menu (top right hand corner):

Click '+' button:

Set roles for Xink administrators:

  • No automatic email notification is sent to the Xink admin.
  • You hand off login credentials to the Xink admin.

How to change permissions

Click the gear wheel and select 'Permissions':

Account administrator role

  • This role is assigned to the first account administrator created during signup.
  • This user can do everything incl. add/delete other administrators.
  • Only an account admin can promote other admins.


Several safeguards is placed into the engine to prevent account admins from creating system locks and creating additional support load.

  • Account Admin is the only role which grants permission to access Admins (e.g. other admins management) section and Preferences section where essential data might be changed (Office 365 sync, Azure AD sync, etc).
  • While logged on, Account Admin cannot delete or deactivate their own user record. Also they can’t change their own permissions at all. Controls are not disabled, but if they try – they get an error message.
  • Account Admin can change email settings (Username for system) for other admins and for himself. No email verification is performed, so he can make a typo and block himself from accessing the system in this way.
  • Emails must be unique across Xink accounts. Thus, if there is registered in any Xink account, there is no way to add him as to another account.

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