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How to leave out blank fields in email signatures (NULL statement)

The challenge many companies face is that some employees don't have all the information entered (generally because it doesn't relate to them - for example, mobile numbers aren't assigned to all employees. 

In this case, when an employee sends an email and a mobile number isn't entered against their name (Fields), there is blank line in the signature when an email is sent. 

That's why below are given a few string manupulation functions with a description and examples, which explain how to exclude a certain field if information doesn't exist and essentially, stop the blank line from appearing.

NULL statement

This is the NULL statement:           

{$$NULL( )$$VALUE(                             )$$} 

Example - Removes 'm: ((Mobile))' and the line below when ((Mobile)) field is empty:       

{$$NULL(Mobile)$$VALUE(m: ((Mobile))<br />)$$}

Step-by-step - How to remove blank ((Mobile)) when employees have no mobile

Ann Appleseed has no mobile number and accordingly her employees data contains empty mobile field. 

Signatures menu > Open email signature:

Click Preview and select Ann Appleseed:

  • Cell is empty

Click Source and insert NULL syntax:  

{$$NULL(Mobile)$$VALUE(cell ((Mobile)))$$} 
  • cell ((Mobile)) is removed when ((Mobile)) field is empty. 

Ignore that the syntax show in the built-in designer.

Use Preview to validate OK.

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