The challenge many companies face is that some employees don't have all the information entered (generally because it doesn't relate to them - for example, mobile numbers aren't assigned to all employees. 

In this case, when an employee sends an email and a mobile number isn't entered against their name (Fields), there is blank line in the signature when an email is sent. 


That's why below are given a few string manupulation functions with a description and examples, which explain how to exclude a certain field if information doesn't exist and essentially, stop the blank line from appearing.

NULL statement

This is the NULL statement:           

{$$NULL( )$$VALUE(                             )$$} 


Example - Removes 'm: ((Mobile))' and the line below when ((Mobile)) field is empty:       

{$$NULL(Mobile)$$VALUE(m: ((Mobile))<br />)$$}



Step-by-step - How to remove blank ((Mobile)) when employees have no mobile


Ann Appleseed has no mobile number and accordingly her employees data contains empty mobile field. 

Signatures menu > Open email signature:

Click Preview and select Ann Appleseed:

  • Cell is empty

Click Source and insert NULL syntax:  

{$$NULL(Mobile)$$VALUE(cell ((Mobile)))$$} 

  • cell ((Mobile)) is removed when ((Mobile)) field is empty. 

Ignore that the syntax show in the built-in designer.

Use Preview to validate OK.