How to design a new signature

Click SIGNATURES menu and then the '+' button:

You don't need an email signature for each of your employees. Instead, you create a template using fields.

How to preview 

Click SIGNATURES menu and open the design:

Click Preview and select employee:

  • Preview may not be 100% correct. Preview is your first test which helps you identify obvious errors.
  • You need to test OK in different email client before you launch company-wide.

Watch how to Preview 

How to upload an image

  1. Click the image icon in the menu.
  2. Click Upload tab.
  3. Choose file.
  4. Click Send it to the server.


How to insert an image already uploaded

  1. Click the image icon in the menu.
  2. Click Browse Server:

How to add one of the built-in templates

  • Click SIGNATURES menu, Signature Examples and then the the gear wheel and select 'Add to My Signature folder'.
  • Now you'll find the template when you click SIGNATURES.